Nathan Dugan | Guest Author

Nathan first moved to Whitefish in 2015 after earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Columbia University. After living for a month at the Whitefish Bike Retreat, he was finally able to find a rental 20 minutes north of town. He quickly realized that his local salary would not be enough to break into the housing market and took on a variety of physical therapy jobs throughout the Northwest in an effort to eventually make it back to Whitefish, where he was able to purchase a home in 2021.

Recognizing the privilege that allowed him to be able to afford a home in Whitefish during an unprecedented market boom, he is committed to ensuring that others, especially young adults, workers, and other locals are able to have stable housing to carve out a life here as many others have in the past. He co-founded Shelter WF after recognizing the difficulty of navigating the municipal political process required to build these types of homes – to elevate the voices in public meetings of those who would directly benefit from more housing in Whitefish.