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HB 479
Assigned To Committee

Expand Privacy Protections for Digital Data

HB 479, proposed by Representative Katie Sullivan of Missoula, follows Frontier Institute’s recommendations to expand protections for private digital information. HB 479 brings updates to Montana’s data privacy protections, extending warrant requirements for data stored in the cloud and ensuring against the mass collection of innocent data not directly related to a search. 
SB 212
Assigned To Committee

Encourage fiscally conservative limits on government growth

SB 212, proposed by Senator Ryan Osmondson of Buffalo, follows Frontier Institute’s recommendations to encourage fiscally conservative limits on government growth. SB 212 will shine a light on the growth of local government property taxes, empowering voters to ensure that their government is only growing and spending within the means of taxpayers.
Introduced on 02/09/2021
SB 203
Assigned To Committee

Ensure Privacy Protections Keep Up with New Technology

SB 203, proposed by Senator Ken Bogner of Miles City, follows Frontier Institute’s recommendations to expand protections for private digital information. SB 203 updates protections for Montanans’ right to privacy by making clear that Article II, Section 11 of Montana’s Constitution safeguards electronic data and communications from warrantless searches and seizures.
Introduced February 18, 2021
HB 231
Assigned To Committee

Certificate of Need laws

HB 231, proposed by Representative Matt Regier of Kalispell, follows Frontier Institute’s recommendations for lawmakers to repeal Montana’s Certificate of Need (CON) program. Under the CON program, the government gets to determine if a new health care business is “needed”, a process that has been shown to limit healthcare competition which could give Montanans more choices and...
HB 43
Assigned To Committee

Increasing Telehealth Access

Telehealth offers Montanans a convenient and safe alternative to traveling long distances to see a doctor. HB 43, proposed by Representative Rhonda Knudsen of Culbertson, follows Frontier Institute recommendations to permanently eliminate regulations waived during the coronavirus outbreak which increased telehealth access and helped lower costs.
Introduced on 12/13/2020
HB 158

Evaluate COVID-19 Emergency Regulations

HB 158 directs a commission to study the regulations waived during the COVID emergency and recommend legislation to repeal regulations which are not necessary to keep. HB 158, proposed by Representative Caleb Hinkle of Belgrade, follows Frontier Institute’s recommendations for lawmakers to gather an independent group of stakeholders to oversee an accountable process of reviewing and reducing Montana’s...
Introduced 01/13/2021
SB 101
Assigned To Committee

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a growing direct care model where Montana patients bypass insurance entirely to pay doctors, in the form of a membership, in exchange for unlimited access to primary care services for as little as $70 per month. SB 101, proposed by Senator Cary Smith of Billings, follows the Frontier Institute’s recommendations...
Introduced on Jan. 11, 2021