2023 End Of Session Wrap Up

2023 End Of Session Wrap Up

Here’s a summary of the successful proposals we had a direct hand in crafting and supporting, as well as other big wins we are celebrating.

The 2023 Montana legislature has officially come to an end and there’s a lot of accomplishments to celebrate if you’re a fan of free markets, individual freedom and limited government.

From healthcare to housing to forest management – we at Frontier Institute are proud to have played an instrumental role in delivering major legislative reforms to address some of Montana’s most important challenges. 

Here’s a summary of the successful proposals we had a direct hand in crafting and supporting, as well as other big wins we are celebrating:


Endorsed Bills:

SB 323 restores the right of property owners to build duplexes in Montana cities and prevents duplexes from being penalized with stricter regulations than single family homes.

SB 528 restores the right of property owners to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU’s)

SB 245 restores the right of property owners to build multifamily or mixed-use housing in existing commercial or retail zones.

SB 382 takes a comprehensive approach to zoning reform and dramatically streamlines the permit process to speed up construction and drive housing costs down for everyone. 


Endorsed Bills:

SB 112 addresses Montana’s healthcare shortages, especially in rural areas, by authorizing pharmacists to independently prescribe routine medications to patients such as antibiotics for strep throat or a refill for an inhaler.

SB 550 allows Montanans to use tax advantaged Montana Medical Savings Accounts to pay for low cost Direct Patient Care (DPC) memberships for comprehensive healthcare access.

Other Big Wins:

HB 101, SB 214 and HB 777 follow Frontier Institute’s recommendations to permanently reduce licensure red tape for professionals already licensed in other states.

SB 101 and HB 313 follow Frontier Institute’s recommendations to expand the ability of Montana healthcare practitioners to care for patients.

Red Tape Relief

Endorsed Bills:

HB 836 establishes Montana’s first regulatory sandbox for property and casualty insurers, encouraging innovation that could drive down the cost of Workers Compensation Insurance, benefiting all Montana businesses.

Other Big Wins:

60+ bills were passed as part of the Governor’s Red Tape Relief Initiative which cut red tape that burdened small business, repealed unnecessary regulation and modernized outdated regulations.

Energy Abundance

Endorsed Bills:

SB 178 advances a critical component of Frontier Institute’s 2022 Energy Strategy and protects the nascent crypto industry from government overreach. 

Education Freedom

Endorsed Bills:

HB 562 establishes tuition-free community choice schools, expanding the innovative education options available to all Montana families and ensure parents have greater opportunity to direct their child’s education.  

HB 393 allows parents with a child with a disability to direct their student’s share of public education dollars to pay for a variety of education options best suited to their child’s unique needs.

HB 408 increases the funding cap for both Student Scholarship Organizations Tax Credits and Innovative Education Tax Credits so that even more schools, parents and students can benefit.

Other Big Wins: 

HB 203 allows Montana parents to more easily transfer their child to a different public school which fits their needs, whether it be in their district or out-of-district.

Tech and Privacy

Endorsed Bills:

SB 397 follows Frontier Institute’s recommendations to create standards for government use of facial recognition to protect the privacy rights of Montanans. 

Forest Management and Wildfire Response

Endorsed Bills:

HB 883 followed our recommendations to proactively upgrade Montana’s aerial fire force to support aggressive initial attack on wildfires within state borders without reliance on the federal government or other states.

While the 2023 session may finally be over, our work is just getting started. Together, we will continue our work to break down government barriers so all Montanans can thrive.

For Liberty,
Kendall Cotton

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