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We believe the spirit of the western frontier is what made America great. Frontier values like individual freedom, self-reliance, relentless optimism, a fierce drive to innovate, radical openness to opportunity, and mutual respect for others drives people to do great things.

Misguided government policy crushes this spirit. Too often today we see burdensome regulation, heavy taxation, and increasing government expansion standing in the way of Montanans pursuing their dreams, big or small.


Founded in 2020, The Frontier Institute’s mission is to keep the spirit of the western frontier alive with sound public policy and educational programs that ensure today’s pioneers are free to build, create, and innovate for years to come.


We are forging a new frontier for the future, where every Montanan has the opportunity to work hard, take risks, and realize their dreams.


  1. Economic Opportunity Empowers People
  2. When Montanans Control Their Own Healthcare Decisions, Our Communities Thrive
  3. Responsible Use of our Abundant and Beautiful Land Sustains the Frontier Way of Life
  4. Respect for Individual Rights is Essential to the Spirit of the West
  5. A Just, Fair and Accurate Criminal Justice System Best Promotes Public Safety


  1. Expert Policy Research and Commentary: We bring in experts to provide original research, commentary, and public policy solutions for the most pressing issues facing Montana.
  2. Outreach: We produce engaging resources and host educational events to equip Montanans with the knowledge needed to overcome misguided government policy and do great things.
  3. Build Coalitions: We help bring the right people together to make policy change happen.


The Frontier Institute is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization; our organization is privately funded through tax-deductible contributions made by individuals, businesses, and private foundations. To preserve our independence, the Frontier Institute does not accept any state or federal funding, nor do we perform contract research.

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