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Founded in 2020, The Frontier Institute believes in solving problems with more freedom not more government. When government gets in the way of people pursuing their dreams, we elevate powerful stories and sound policy solutions to break down these barriers so all Montanans can thrive.


  1. Economic Opportunity Empowers People
  2. When Montanans Control Their Own Healthcare Decisions, Our Communities Thrive
  3. Responsible Use of our Abundant and Beautiful Land Sustains the Frontier Way of Life
  4. Respect for Individual Rights is Essential to the Spirit of the West
  5. A Just, Fair and Accurate Criminal Justice System Best Promotes Public Safety


Red Tape Relief – Montanans face thousands of regulations that make it harder to find a job, start a business or build a home. Frontier Institute is working to eliminate unnecessary and burdensome regulations that hold back entrepreneurs from solving Montana’s biggest challenges.

Fiscal Responsibility – Montanans are being taxed out of their homes. Frontier Institute is working to spotlight reckless government spending that drives taxation and promote fiscal restraint.

Healthcare Reform – Our healthcare system is broken. With bureaucratic middlemen and the government in control, the result has been higher costs, less access and lower quality. Frontier Institute is working to remove government barriers to free choice and empower patients with control of their health decisions.

Active Forest Management  Every season, forest fires seem to get worse. Frontier Institute is raising public awareness about how proactive forest management can help prevent catastrophic forest fires.

Education Freedom – The quality of our kids’ education shouldn’t be determined by their zip code. Frontier Institute brings key partners together to advance efforts that provide parents more freedom to find education options that best fit their child’s needs.


  1. Expert Policy Research and Commentary: We bring in experts to provide original research and commentary on the most pressing issues facing Montana.
  2. Educate our Leaders and their Constituents: We market engaging educational content to be shared directly among policy makers, their constituents and the media.
  3. Build Coalitions: We help bring the right people together to make policy change happen.

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The Frontier Institute is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization; our organization is privately funded through tax-deductible contributions made by individuals, businesses, and private foundations. To preserve our independence, the Frontier Institute does not accept any state or federal funding, nor do we perform contract research.

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