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Founded in 2020, The Frontier Institute (FI) elevates objective research and powerful stories to cultivate informed civic leaders dedicated to breaking down government barriers so that all Montanans can thrive.


Montanans consider our state the Last Best Place, representing to many the last frontier of urban development and a holdout for the western spirit of rugged individualism.

The appeal of the frontier has contributed to Montana’s rapid growth, but not all are thriving. There is a growing division between those experiencing the benefits of growth and those left behind. Opportunity abounds for many in high growth urban areas, while others have simply “poverty, with a view.

While powerful interests use a one-sided story of this economic division as rationale for more taxes, regulations and government control, we promote economic freedom and opportunity as better solutions to the problems Montanans face.


  1. Economic Opportunity Empowers People
  2. When Montanans Control Their Own Healthcare Decisions, Our Communities Thrive
  3. Responsible Use of our Abundant and Beautiful Land Sustains the Frontier Way of Life
  4. Respect for Individual Rights is Essential to the Spirit of the West
  5. A Just, Fair and Accurate Criminal Justice System Best Promotes Public Safety


  1. Expert Policy Research and Analysis: We provide original research and expert commentary to inform our leaders about how public policy impacts Montana.
  2. Educate our Leaders and their Constituents: We market engaging educational content to be shared directly among policy makers, their constituents and the media.
  3. Build Coalitions: We work with allies to speak with a single voice in areas of agreement and work directly with civic leaders to encourage successful reforms.


The Frontier Institute is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization; our organization is privately funded through contributions made by individuals, businesses, and private foundations. To preserve our independence, the Frontier Institute does not accept any state or federal funding, nor do we perform contract research.

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