A Lifelong Advocate For Liberty

A Lifelong Advocate For Liberty

"We couldn't be more proud to have such a strong advocate for liberty on our board and we congratulate him on this momentous award."

This week I have the honor of announcing that Frontier board member Lawrence W. Reed will be awarded the Grand Cross of Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, the highest honor Poland bestows upon a foreigner. To give you an idea of just how momentous this award is – President Ronald Reagan was a previous recipient of the award. 

Reed has long been a champion for liberty, authoring numerous books and columns to help readers understand concepts central to a thriving free society such as competition and mutual benefit. 

He first visited Poland in 1986 when the country was still under a communist regime. Since then he has made Poland a major focus of his literary work, including working to have the pro-liberty books translated and distributed through Poland’s underground. 

We couldn’t be more proud to have such a strong advocate for liberty on our board and we congratulate him on this momentous award.

To find a list of all of Reed’s columns you can click HERE.

For Liberty,
Tanner Avery

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The Latest

The Michigan Lesson Montana May Have Learned
In our most recent Frontier History column, Lawrence Reed explains how the drafters of the Montana constitution may have learned an important lesson from states like Michigan when they instituted restrictions on the ability of the state to subsidize corporate interests.

“All three of the constitutions that earned the approval of Montana’s citizens included provisions that may have been inspired by the painful failures of activist governments like Michigan’s. It was clear that Montanans wanted a bright line between business and government.”

Last week Frontier President and CEO, Kendall Cotton was featured in Governing, a news organization focussed on topics relevant to public officials. He discussed how strict zoning raises the cost of housing and the emerging consensus among people on the left and the right on the need to address this issue.

“Stakeholders on the left see the social justice aspects of reforming zoning codes, and those on the right want to remove governmental barriers for builders and residents who want to find homes, start families and build strong communities. City leaders and state legislators from both parties have shown interest in findings and recommendations that have come out of the atlas.”

The Forest Service’s Burn Ban
The Forest Service recently announced the agency will stop using prescribed fire as a forest management tool for most of the summer. PERC Policy Director, Hannah Downey, authored a column as part of our forest management series explaining why this policy change is a bad idea.

“At the end of the day, there is some risk to prescribed fires, but that risk must be compared to the risk of not conducting fuel treatments and having the forest burn completely. Policymakers must ask whether the minuscule risk of an escaped prescribed burn is worth doing nothing, allowing fuels to build up and putting the forest at a higher risk of an all-consuming destructive wildfire.”

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