Announcing Montana’s Frontier Institute

Announcing Montana’s Frontier Institute


HELENA, Mont. – Today, leaders of The Frontier Institute announced the creation of a new, independent think tank based in Helena, Montana.

The Institute provides Montana-grown solutions to important public policy issues, promoting economic freedom and opportunity as alternatives to government control.

“The Frontier Institute is dedicated to breaking down government barriers so that all Montanans can thrive,” said Frontier Institute President, Kendall Cotton. “We provide powerful, objective information, data and stories that demonstrate how freedom lifts people out of poverty and why more government control isn’t the answer to the problems Montanans face.”

Several high profile leaders have joined the Frontier Institute’s Board of Directors, including:

Glenn Oppel, Chairman: “As a personal endeavor, I am honored to chair the founding Board of Directors of the Frontier Institute and I look forward to working with our partners and supporters to develop market-friendly solutions to the public policy issues faced by Montanans.”

Rick Hill, Former Montana Congressman: “The Frontier Institute will be Montana’s independent, principled voice in favor of economic freedom and limited government. I am proud to join the team.”

Daniel Zolnikov, State Representative: “I’m grateful to join the Frontier Institute to continue leading the charge on reforms that protect Montanans’ individual rights.”

Lawrence Reed, President Emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education: “Montana is a state I’ve come to know and love as a frequent outdoorsman there. With Montana poised for new leadership in its state government in 2021, The Frontier Institute has a superb opportunity to clear the path for freedom and preserve the frontier spirit that makes it a great place.” 

Over the next few months, the Frontier Institute will be announcing policy initiatives focused on building Montana’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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