Announcing The Center For New Frontiers

Announcing The Center For New Frontiers

The Center for New Frontiers is dedicated to opening new frontiers for freedom so Montanans can build and create an abundant future.

This week I am writing to you about an exciting new milestone for both the Frontier Institute and myself. Today we are launching our very first policy center, The Center for New Frontiers, of which I will be the Director. I couldn’t be more thrilled about this opportunity to directly lead the Center’s research programs and key initiatives!

Let me tell you a little bit about our new policy center:

What is the Center for New Frontiers?

The Center for New Frontiers is dedicated to opening new frontiers for freedom so Montanans can build and create an abundant future. The Center will be initiating research and engaging stakeholders to help Frontier Institute explore solutions to Montana’s most important challenges through the lens of enabling future entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

Why focus on “New Frontiers”?

Emerging innovations and new technologies continue to radically change how we all live, work and interact. The question is: how can we secure Montana’s position as a leader in the economy of the future?

As one of my all time favorite authors, Matt Ridley has put it, “innovation is the child of freedom and parent of prosperity.” We believe that if Montanans are left free to build, create and innovate in new ways, our state will have all the right conditions for prosperity to thrive under the Big Sky far into the future.

What will the Center be working on?

2023-25 Biennium policy priorities of the Center will be:

  • Securing fundamental rights to enable economic dynamism
  • Regulatory reforms to empower innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Encouraging crypto and blockchain innovation
  • Eliminating policy barriers to energy abundance
  • Developing pro-innovation environmental policy

The Center will also lead the Montana 2050 Project, an initiative to develop a long-range free market policy vision for key issue areas critical to future economic prosperity.

So how does this change things for you? Have no fear, loyal readers, you’ll still be getting our Thursday newsletter from me. But you can expect to enjoy new and interesting future-focused policy content from our team. Stay tuned!

For Liberty,
Tanner Avery

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