Center For New Frontiers


The Center for New Frontiers is dedicated to opening new frontiers for freedom so Montanans can build and create an abundant future.

2023-2025 Policy Priorities

The Center’s biennium policy priorities are:

– Securing fundamental rights to enable economic dynamism
– Regulatory reforms to empower innovators and entrepreneurs
– Encouraging crypto and blockchain innovation
– Eliminating policy barriers to energy abundance
– Developing pro-innovation environmental policy

Montana 2050 Project

The Center will also lead the Montana 2050 Project, an initiative to develop a long-range free market policy vision for issues critical to future economic prosperity. During the 23-25 Biennium, the Center will explore long-range Montana 2050 priorities in the following issue areas:

– Property Rights
– Occupational Licensing
– Education
– Red Tape Relief

Unpacking MTLeg Judicial Proposals

Unpacking MTLeg Judicial Proposals

To help our followers better understand these reforms and their current status, Frontier’s Tech & Innovation Policy Analyst, Chris Isaacs unpacks these reforms in his most recent column.

By Tanner Avery

Fresh Eyes: Wrongful Judicial Bias Harms Montanans

Fresh Eyes: Wrongful Judicial Bias Harms Montanans

"As lawmakers look to strengthen the rights of Montanans, limiting the judiciary’s bias towards government could be a powerful way to ensure the courts err on the side of liberty by limiting the accumulated power of unelected regulators."

By Frontier Institute

Unprecedented Red Tape Relief On The Way

Unprecedented Red Tape Relief On The Way

"Whether repealing clearly absurd laws or amending dysfunctional rules, one thing is clear: Montanans can expect 2023 to bring some unprecedented red tape relief. That’s something to celebrate."

By Kendall Cotton