Frontier Institute Announces Free Market Healthcare Hub

Frontier Institute Announces Free Market Healthcare Hub

The Free Market Healthcare Hub is a resource to help Montanans shop for healthcare.

HELENA, Mont. – Today the Frontier Institute released the Free Market Healthcare Hub, a new resource to help patients find verified Direct Patient Care (DPC) providers operating in Montana. The Hub also links to resources Montanans can use to shop for healthcare from providers that embrace price transparency and free market principles.

“Thanks to the actions of Governor Gianforte and the 2021 Montana legislature, free market healthcare is flourishing in Montana,” said Kendall Cotton, President and CEO of the Frontier Institute. “Slashing red tape and giving entrepreneurs the maximum freedom to innovate has led to a booming market for affordable healthcare options.” 

Direct Patient Care (DPC) is an innovative healthcare model where patients bypass insurance to pay for services directly, often in the form of a low cost membership similar to a gym membership.

Last year Governor Gianforte signed SB 101, the most expansive authorization of DPC in the country. While other states authorize DPC only for primary care, Montana is the first state in the nation to allow DPC with any health provider.

Key points highlighted by the Free Market Healthcare Hub report include: 

  • The number of DPC providers in Montana has doubled since Gov. Gianforte signed SB 101 last year.
  • Frontier Institute has verified at least 16 healthcare providers located in Montana who operate primarily with the DPC model.
  • Healthcare providers using the DPC model in Montana include physicians, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, and pharmacists.
  • The average DPC membership fee for comprehensive primary care is $77/month in Montana.
  • Montana’s DPC industry is now providing an estimated 5,000 Montana patients with affordable, high quality healthcare.

Click HERE to view the Free Market Healthcare Hub.


Frontier Institute has promoted extensive research about the benefits of Direct Patient Care for both patients and doctors, including:

  • By eliminating the middlemen and bureaucracy involved in billing insurance, patients in direct care save on overall healthcare costs.
  • Patients in direct care practices have the opportunity to form a stronger relationship with their doctor, which has been shown to prevent expensive conditions and save on costs over the long run.
  • Without the documentation, coding and billing of insurance, direct care practices are able to regularly post the real cost of services on their website, and not just estimates.
  • By taking insurance out of the equation, doctors are able to save money and eliminate overhead, allowing a closer focus on their patients.

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Founded in 2020, Frontier Institute is a Helena, MT think tank dedicated to breaking down government barriers so all Montanans can thrive.

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