Frontier Institute Applauds Gov. Gianforte’s First Executive Order

Frontier Institute Applauds Gov. Gianforte’s First Executive Order

By aiming to reduce harmful red tape, the governor’s new task force can help ensure a robust economic recovery for all Montanans.

In his first executive order released last night, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte ordered the creation of a Red Tape Relief Task Force to implement comprehensive regulatory reform.

Gianforte’s executive order follows The Frontier Institute’s recommendations to establish an independent council of stakeholders to oversee planning and implementation of regulatory review efforts. The order also cites research promoted by The Frontier Institute and published in the recently released Montana Recovery Agenda regarding Montana’s regulatory climate.

“Policymakers now have the opportunity to unleash economic growth for all Montanans by providing relief from harmful regulations and red tape,” said Kendall Cotton, President and CEO of the Frontier Institute. “The Frontier Institute applauds Governor Gianforte for taking the first step toward reducing Montana’s regulatory burden.”

Problems with Montana’s regulatory climate highlighted by the Institute include:

  • Montana has the second-most regulatory restrictions per capita among its regional neighbors, trailing only Wyoming and well ahead of Colorado, Idaho and Utah.
  • It would take an individual about 263 hours—or nearly seven weeks—to read the 4.7 million words in the 2019 Administrative Rules of Montana.
  • Some of the industries most heavily burdened by regulation in Montana are also among the most important to the state’s economy, such as animal production and mining.
  • While state agencies are required by law to review their rules every two years, the identification of regulations to be repealed or simplified is done on an ad hoc basis.
  • Montana imposes no statutory limit on the total amount of regulations, removing any incentive for state agencies to review or actively restrain the accumulation of regulations.

The Frontier Institute looks forward to working with the Gianforte administration to tackle Montana’s regulatory burden and unleash a robust economic recovery.

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