Frontier Institute Spotlights Solutions to ‘Big Tech’ in New Video

Frontier Institute Spotlights Solutions to ‘Big Tech’ in New Video

Frontier Institute: Big Government is not the answer to 'Big Tech'

HELENA (SEPTEMBER, 2022) – Frontier Institute released a new video today providing a policy roadmap for lawmakers to successfully combat censorship and surveillance from ‘Big Tech’.

“Everyone can agree that growing censorship and surveillance online is deeply troubling, but Big Government is not the answer,” said Frontier Institute President and CEO, Kendall Cotton. “Instead of expanding government control of ‘Big Tech’, lawmakers should look to emerging ‘Decentralized Tech’ to help make our online activity more free and secure than ever before.”


More lawmakers are leveraging the unpopularity of Big Tech to push their own agendas for power. Some proposals even put government in charge of standards for content moderation. If Big Tech censorship is bad, just wait until politicians are deciding what speech is allowed online! 

Increasing government control over the tech industry is a mistake. Replacing Big Tech with Big Government will only entrench the status quo.

Entrepreneurs are using blockchain, the tech behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, to create decentralized platforms as alternatives to traditional social media. Decentralization means users have control over their data and no central authority censors content. Popular ‘metaverse’ projects take decentralization even farther, putting users in full control of governing the platform. Here are just a few examples of growing decentralized social platforms: 

Lawmakers should focus on clarifying rules for people to build, invest and participate in the decentralized platforms of the future:

  • Wyoming has created a Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Technology and Digital Innovation Technology.
  • Both Tennessee and Wyoming have passed legislation to formally authorize decentralized organizations.
  • ALEC has adopted model legislation for states which establishes “preliminary definitions and rules to promote entrepreneurship and provide legal certainty to benefit residents and investors who use cryptocurrency”

A Regulatory Sandbox would fast-track decentralized tech by temporarily waiving red tape standing in the way. This would provide flexibility for entrepreneurs while giving policymakers time to update rules.

Everyone can agree that censorship and surveillance online is deeply troubling. Decentralized tech will help make our online activity more free and secure.

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