Introducing Legislative Viewpoints

Introducing Legislative Viewpoints

Legislative Viewpoints will provide an opportunity for lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle to deliver an update directly to Frontier Institute followers.

The Frontier Institute is excited to announce a new Legislative Viewpoints series, featuring monthly columns from legislative leaders about topics that matter to Montanans. Legislative Viewpoints will provide an opportunity for lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle to deliver an update directly to our followers about serious issues like red tape relief, fiscal responsibility, healthcare reform and more. 

This month’s updates come from Senate President Mark Blasdel and House Minority Leader Kim Abbott: 

Majority Update

Sen. Mark Blasdel discussed an open letter sent to Montana’s federal delegation encouraging them to vote against reckless spending. Be sure to check out the entire article.

“Clearly, responsible budgeting is possible. Congress needs to prioritize fiscal sanity because the current path our country is on is not financially sustainable, and that’s why we sent our letter opposing Biden’s $2 trillion bill last week.”

Minority Update

Kim Abbott, the House Minority Leader, discussed efforts to remove unnecessary regulatory red tape preventing advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) from being able to fully practice in Montana. Be sure to check the entire article.

“Turns out, there are laws all over the books in Montana that don’t match up to the way folks access health care now. Over 270 laws, rules and regulations, some dating to the mid-1990s, were creating inconsistencies that blocked APRNs from practicing to the full extent of their abilities.”


Kendall Cotton

The Latest

The Reality of Montana’s Housing Shortage

  1. A recent article by the Montana Free Press explains one of the biggest factors to Montana’s skyrocketing housing costs – a statewide shortage of homes. These home shortages have been fueled in part by “regulations like minimum lot sizes or parking requirements, which can drive up the cost of new construction.”

Excessive housing red-tape has consequences, driving up the cost of new homes and limiting the supply of homes by effectively making it illegal to build affordable housing. Cities that grant more freedom to build a wide variety of homes often see more affordable rents, but local zoning laws have made that impossible in many Montana towns. The first step to alleviating the housing crisis is to remove regulatory barriers preventing affordable housing from being built in the first place.

The Marketplace of Ideas & Innovation

  1. Montana Sen. Ken Bogner authored an article explaining how allowing freedom for entrepreneurs to innovate new technologies, without excessive regulatory red tape, has positioned the United States as a global leader in pioneering technologies. Montana is also reaping the benefits of our nation’s technological edge, but a move towards heavy handed regulations could smother tech innovation before our state can experience the full scope of its benefits.

“And to keep that edge, policymakers must embrace what got us here in the first place. The United States is today the dominant technology country because we, more than anywhere in the world, have championed innovation and entrepreneurship. We must continue to give innovators the space they need without excessive regulation.” 

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