Making Montana A Leader In Energy Abundance

Tanner Avery

Director of The Center for New Frontiers

Tanner Avery
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October 14, 2022

Making Montana A Leader In Energy Abundance

"Montana is uniquely positioned to become a national leader in energy abundance, but only if we address the government barriers standing in the way."

The global energy crisis over the last year has highlighted just how important it is to focus on affordable, reliable energy sources.

That’s why today we released the 2022 Montana Energy Strategy, to outline the critical role Montana can play in promoting an energy abundant future.

Montana’s abundant resources have uniquely positioned the state to become an energy producing leader. No matter which form of energy you look at, Montana is severely under utilizing its ability to generate energy.

For example, Montana is ranked 5th in the nation for potential wind power yet we are only ranked 24th for actual wind power generation. Montana is also uniquely positioned to leverage reliable energy sources like geothermal, but even with our state’s unique potential in this area, not a single geothermal power plant exists in the state. Montana even has the largest recoverable coal reserves in the US, making up about 30% of the US total reserves, yet the state accounts for just 5% of U.S. coal production.

With so much squandered potential for abundant energy, it is no wonder Montana was ranked 40th in net electricity generation, in May of this year.

Better leveraging Montana’s natural energy treasures to promote energy abundance could open the door to future innovation, technological progress and economic growth. Montana’s abundant energy could be a driving force behind 21st Century industries like datacenters, battery manufacturing plants and semiconductors.

Our report outlines a Montana Energy Strategy to promote an abundant energy future:
1. Expand energy export capabilities
2. Harness emerging energy technologies.
3. Prioritize the most affordable and reliable energy for the state’s businesses and consumers.

But before we can transition to energy abundance, we detail why policymakers will also need to prioritize federal, local and state regulatory reforms and address frivolous litigation.

Montana is uniquely positioned to become a national leader in energy abundance, but only if we address the government barriers standing in the way.

For Liberty,
Tanner Avery

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