Montana Recovery Agenda

Montana Recovery Agenda

The Frontier Institute’s Montana Recovery Agenda charts the pathway to a thriving economic recovery in 2021.

The Frontier Institute offers the following three policy pillars to recovery, with eight specific proposals:


Montana faces a fiscal crisis at all levels of government after COVID-19 due to severe revenue losses and suppressed economic productivity. By reducing regulations and limiting the growth of spending, Montana lawmakers can unleash economic growth.

  • Proposal 1: Pass a Conservative Montana Budget
  • Proposal 2: Amend the Montana Administrative Procedure Act


The pandemic made clear that the biggest barrier in the way of affordable, quality health care for our communities is our broken healthcare system. By removing government barriers to free choice and empowering patients with control of their health decisions, Montana lawmakers can help lower costs and increase access to health care.

  • Proposal 3: Repeal Certificate of Need (CON) laws
  • Proposal 4: Authorize direct care
  • Proposal 5: Expand telemedicine
  • Proposal 6: Allow physicians to dispense medicine
  • Proposal 7: Authorize an 1115 waiver to expand Medicaid health care options


Montana’s economic recovery depends on the success of public health efforts like contact tracing to control the spread of COVID-19, yet research shows many won’t cooperate because they fear for their privacy. By cracking down on warrantless searches and mass surveillance, Montana lawmakers can rebuild public trust, making public health efforts more effective and economic recovery more stable.

  • Proposal 8: Require a warrant for Montanans’ digital data.

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