MTLeg Weekly Debrief: Week Of January 16-20

MTLeg Weekly Debrief: Week Of January 16-20

The Frontier Institute has identified two Key Bills and a slate of Red Tape Relief Bills for the week of January 16-20, 2023.

HB 203 would expand the ability of students to attend a school outside the district where they live. Under current law parents have the right to choose a different school district, but the request can be denied by the district of residency or their district of choice. HB 203 would narrow the exceptions of when a request could be denied, as well as clarify how school districts would be reimbursed for the increased attendance.

Current Status: House Education Committee hearing held on January 16th at 3:00PM

HB 191 would eliminate certificate of need (CON) requirements for garbage haulers which require government permission before an entrepreneur can start a garbage collection business. CON laws have been widely discredited as protectionist laws which stifle entrepreneurship and market competition. Montana’s garbage hauler CON laws are currently the subject of a complaint filed in district court which allege that the laws violate a young Montana entrepreneur’s constitutional rights.

Current Status: House Energy, Technology and Federal Relations Committee hearing scheduled for January 23rd at 3:00PM

  • 11 Bills introduced
  • 26 Bill hearings scheduled
  • 5 Bill drafts in assembly
  • 7 Bills Passed Senate Committee
  • 16 Passed House Committee

To track the status of all of these Red Tape Relief Bills CLICK HERE.

Key Bill Updates:

SB 101: Passed Senate Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs Committee

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