MTLeg Weekly Debrief: Week Of March 20-24

MTLeg Weekly Debrief: Week Of March 20-24

The Frontier Institute has identified 3 new Key Bills, 24 Red Tape Relief Bills being signed by the Governor and 11 Key Bill Updates for the week of March 20th-24th

SB 379 follows Frontier Institute’s recommendations to reform strict local zoning regulations by giving landowners more freedom to build affordable starter homes in Montana cities. SB 379 addresses some of the most harmful aspects of California-style Zoning in Montana such as excessive minimum lot areas and prohibitions of affordable options like manufactured homes and Accessory Dwelling Units.

Current Status: House Local Government Committee hearing scheduled for March 28th at 3:00PM

HB 825 establishes a State administered fund which will provide funding to local governments for the infrastructure needed to enable the creation of new housing. Funds can only be used for infrastructure projects that result in residential projects with a minimum gross density of 10 units an acre – creating an incentive for local governments to reform strict zoning that prohibits denser starter homes like duplexes and triplexes. Frontier Institute’s 2023 Pro-Housing Platform recommended that any housing incentive programs should tie funding to a requirement for local zoning reforms.

Current Status: House Taxation Committee hearing scheduled for March 24th at 8:00AM

HB 836 follows the Frontier Institute’s recommendations to create a regulatory sandbox for property and casualty insurers in Montana. Regulatory sandboxes provide temporary waivers from burdensome and outdated regulations so businesses can test innovative products and services while ensuring oversight to protect consumer health and safety.

Current Status: House Business and Labor Committee hearing scheduled for March 27th at 8:00AM

  • 6 Bills Transmitted to 2nd Chamber
  • 16 Bill Hearings Scheduled
  • 12 Bills Passed 2nd Committee
  • 1 Bill Stuck in Committee
  • 3 Bills Passed 2nd Chamber Floor Vote
  • 1 Bill Transmitted to Governor
  • 24 Bills Signed by Governor

Key Bill Updates:

SB 101: Passed Committee
SB 178: Committee Hearing Scheduled
HB 326: Passed Committee
HB 408: Committee Hearing Scheduled
SB 245: Committee Hearing Scheduled
HB 409: Committee Hearing Scheduled
SB 323: Committee Hearing Scheduled
HB 562: Committee Hearing Scheduled
SB 379: Committee Hearing Scheduled
SB 382: Committee Hearing Scheduled
HB 777: Committee Hearing Scheduled

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