The Future Of Energy Creation In Montana

The Future Of Energy Creation In Montana

"Almost every part of modern day life relies on it, making energy generation one of the most important topics today."

“Energy itself does deserve to be singled out. It is the root of all innovation if only because innovation is change and change requires energy.” – Matt Ridley, Economist & Author

Energy costs are still rising–something I’m sure you know all too well. Almost every part of modern day life relies on it, making energy generation one of the most important topics today.

You’ve followed along as we have been highlighting how red tape has been getting in the way of energy production in everything from oil and gas to solar and wind. But in this month’s Legislative Viewpoints column, Sen. Duane Ankney of the senate majority writes on a promising energy source the legislature has been studying, but we haven’t mentioned yet: safe and clean nuclear power.

“The Legislature is currently studying the viability of future nuclear power production. In my opinion, nuclear will be the long-term answer to our baseload power needs… To have reliable baseload power, to have the energy we need to power our lives, we must reject radical ideology and get unnecessary red tape out of the way. We must unleash Montana’s energy potential so that our kids and grandkids will have a good future.”

For Liberty,
Tanner Avery

The Latest

Frontier President & CEO Kendall Cotton’s latest op-ed breaks down how regulatory sandboxes can transform Montana from being just a destination state for remote workers and tourists, to attracting innovative entrepreneurs and their businesses.

“Montana has tens of thousands of regulations on the books, many enacted decades ago before anyone was even thinking about iPhones or the blockchain. These types of outdated regulations can crush entrepreneurs trying to launch innovative new products or services that don’t fit into the established regulatory framework. Tech start-ups can wither and die when they wait years to get special permission to begin operating. That’s where a regulatory sandbox comes in.”

Teaching in Montana
Last week, the Office of the Governor urged the Montana Board of Public Education to “streamline educator licensure to improve recruitment of more high-quality teachers for Montana students.”

Our Take: Since our founding Frontier Institute has been a strong advocate for reducing burdensome regulations that stand in the way of Montanans succeeding. Governor Gianforte is making the right move here by calling for more flexibility in teacher licensing so Montana can begin to attract qualified educators to Montana. Thank you Governor!

Inflation Nation
A new analysis by Bloomberg Economics shows that due to inflation the average U.S. household will spend $5,200 to afford the same goods as last year. This comes out to be $433 a month.

Our Take: Recklessly printing and spending money is not without consequences and we are now seeing those consequences. Given the disproportionate harm done to lower-income people, fueling inflation by adding trillions to the national debt hardly seems fair to working Montanans. Leaders in Washington should take a lesson from Montana and once again embrace fiscal responsibility.

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