Over the last 100 years, technological advancements have continuously challenged the status quo, fundamentally shifting how we live. While these changes have undoubtedly provided benefits to our everyday lives, Montanans have all too often been left behind as other states prosper from these innovations. The result has been a constant brain drain of our brightest minds to other states, economic decline and weakened communities.

However, it does not need to be this way. While the constant march toward technological progress will not cease, it does not require that Montanans continue to be left in the dust – but to do this it will require a change of approach.

The goal of the Montana 2050 Project is to assess the current and future technological landscape to identify opportunities that will enable Montana to lead the economy of the future.

The first of this series is focused on a booming industry poised to become the backbone of the economy in 2050: Data Centers.