Key Points: 

  • Right now, 90% of Montanans, especially educators and parents, do not have the liberty to educate their own children free of prescriptive regulations.
  • While Montana Public Schools spend around 57% of their total funding on instruction and student services, innovative private and micro-schools in Montana spend 80% or greater, and also have been investing in educators.
  • The Bozeman Innovation Academy, a 2nd year micro-school affiliated with the Acton Academies, uses upwards of 85% of funding for instructional resources and the salaries of teachers.
  • The Petra Academy, Montana’s first classical Christian school, has raised teacher salaries 20% over the past four years.
  • Both schools charge families tuition and have admissions requirements but go to lengths to enable a socioeconomic cross-section of families to participate.
  • Montana educators, parents, and communities can benefit from many more schools like the Bozeman Innovation Academy and the Petra Academy.