Public Comment On PSC Petition For Rulemaking 4.8.24

By Frontier Institute
"If the petitioners would like the PSC to implement a carbon tax on Montana utility customers through ratemaking, they should pursue future legislation which would direct the PSC to do so, rather than attempting to run it through the back door via administrative rulemaking."

TAGS: Center For New Frontiers

Montana 2050: Artificial Intelligence

By Tanner Avery
"We have been presented with a transformative opportunity, one in which we can embrace Artificial Intelligence to revitalize low-productivity industries that have faced decades of stagnation and decline, or one in which we reject this technology and watch as resources, workers and prosperity move to other states."

TAGS: Center For New Frontiers

Make Berkeley Pit Great Again

By Kendall Cotton
"In 25 years, Montana energy companies could be installing wind turbines and solar panels built in Montana, with semiconductors and photonic technology manufactured in Montana, utilizing Rare Earth Elements extracted and processed in Montana, to export clean Montana-made energy to power the nation."

TAGS: Center For New Frontiers

Leave Policy Making To Lawmakers

By Kendall Cotton
"It’s clear the proper place to address the multifarious issues raised by global climate change that concern the plaintiffs is within the democratic processes of our representative legislature — not the courts."

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Permit Montana To Build

By Kendall Cotton
"Readers should consider which is better for the climate: forcing critical projects through years of red tape and endless litigation, or building the infrastructure necessary for a clean and abundant energy future as fast as we possibly can?"

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